The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast


THE HAMMER OF RETRIBUTION OGG-CAST the greatest metal podcast ever to emerge from the darkest depths of Nottingham.

On the 15th day of every month, this show beings you at least two hours of the finest metal around the planet - signed or unsigned, globally renowned or completely obscure - interspersed with some bitesize nibbles of information as to what you're actually listening to.

Originally on an unbroken monthly run from January 2011 to August 2013, the show took a four-month break, but is back from January to March 2014. The response to these three shows will detemine whether or not the return is made permanent. The future of the Hammer is in your hands!
And don't forget, all the shows produced so far, right back to the very beginning, can be found at the Archive page.


...was started in October 2013, at the end of the first series of the Ogg-Cast, as a banner under which all my video productions that I choose to make public will be released.

The first of these "travels with my camera", released on 24th October 2013, involves a trip to the Lake District to investigate three of the myths and legends (and even some actual history) that Old Corpse Road have written their lyrics about. This has expanded into a five-part series; meanwhile, a two-part chronicle of a rainy jaunt to Scotland for Up Helly Aa in Lerwick in January 2013 has been thrown into the mix as well, as has the Director's Cut of Northern Oak's Kickstarter campaign video.

Find all these videos at the Hammer Of Retribution Productions page.


Current show - LII: GIVE ME FIFTEEN (released 15th January 2015)

Previous show - LI: SONGS OF STARFIRE & ICE-VEILED THRONES (released 15th December 2014)


    Agalloch        Amon Amarth        Amorphis        Anaal Nathrakh        Anathema        Anthrax        Arch Enemy        Asomvel        At The Gates   
    Bal-Sagoth        Bathory        Black Sabbath        Blind Guardian        Bolt Thrower        Carcass        Cathedral        Celtic Frost        Clutch   
    Corrosion Of Conformity        Dark Tranquillity        Darkthrone        Death Angel        Deep Purple        Deicide        Destruction   
    Devin Townsend        Dimmu Borgir        Down        Emperor        Ensiferum        Enslaved        Entombed        Entwined        Eyehategod   
    Falkenbach        Finntroll        Forefather        Fyrdsman        Gama Bomb        Hollenthon        I        Iced Earth        Immortal        In Flames   
    Insomnium        Iron Maiden        Judas Priest        KYPCK        Kyuss        Legion Of The Damned        Le Grand Guignol        Månegarm   
    Marduk        Mayhem        Megadeth        Mental Home        Merciless        Moonsorrow        Motörhead        Mulch        My Dying Bride   
    Negură Bunget        Northern Oak        Nuclear Assault        Oakenshield        Old Corpse Road        Orange Goblin        Paradise Lost   
    Potentiam        Primordial        Quartz        Rotting Christ        Sabaton        Sabbat        Satyricon        Saxon        Sepultura        Skálmöld   
    Skiltron        Skyclad        Skyforger        Slayer        Sodom        Sonata Arctica        Suidakra        Suplecs        Swallow The Sun   
    Testament        The Crown        The Haunted        The Project Hate MCMXCIX        Thyrfing        Trollheim's Grott        Týr        Vader   
    Venom        Vintersorg        Windir        Windrider        Winterfylleth        Wodensthrone version 1.6; last edited on 15th January 2015.
Developed for use at a resolution of 1280 × 800 or greater.


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