After a long time wondering if any more Rick remakes were ever going to happen, one finally dropped through my email box.

Now, I have absolutely no idea about which of the old computers ever made it to Australia, or the general state of the retrogaming scene there, but something must have happened because out of the blue, Ben Wagner told me of his latest remake.

The game is known as Conrad Dangerous, is made in OpenGL, and features a very Rick-esque sprite dressed in blue and wearing shades - somewhat of a cross between Rick and a 1950s American detective.

As for the baddies - generally they've been drawn to fit in with the general image of the original Rick games, and contain amongst others, a pirate, clown and superhero, various animals - snails, birds, frogs, jumping fish - and a larger gorilla and mammoth.

One remarkable feature in this game, is that Conrad can swim in any of the lakes, something which Rick could never do!

Weaponry to date consists only of a Rick 2-style laser, with infinite shots.

There is no sound yet, but I expect this will follow!

There are many details in this game which give it an almost Super Mario Brothers feel to it - the scenery, the climbable vines, the jumping fish, the way Conrad swims, for instance - just be aware that Conrad is not Mario, so jumping on the baddies will not kill them!

The saga hasn't been decided yet - for instance, why does the game involve Conrad Dangerous instead of Rick, and who is Conrad in the first place? I've had various ideas which may or may not make it into the game...

The current version stands at v2.3, which Ben says is "pretty much finished" - although I've mailed a bundle of suggestions for further tweaks, so see how it looks. Currently there's twelve levels which is a fair challenge, although I reckon it could be completed with not all that much effort.

Download it from Ben Wagner's Homepage.


Use the cursor keys to move Conrad around, and hot SPACE to zap the baddies. Conrad has an unlimited supply of ammo, which is useful as there's a whole lotta baddies out there.

Alternative controls are W = up, S = down, A = left, D = right.


Six lives and unlimited ammo at the moment. There should be no need to cheat, and I know of no codes.


There are plenty on the official Conrad page.