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There was a noticeable change in the screenshots between Postcards From Rejectland parts three and four. What was this new and different font, and where did the pickaxe go?

Version 1.6 brought with it the expansion of texture packs into resource packs, allowing much more about the game to be customised without the potential pain and world-corrupting possibilities of adding mods. And I wondered if I could use one of these to change some of the aspects of Minecraft I didn't much care for - the ugly default font, the drifty-floaty background music that fits better in an episode of In The Night Garden... by the time I'd worked out how to do that, and had a few experimental pokes around with a 1.6 resource pack, 1.7 arrived and brought a whole load of new blocks, items and biomes which delayed the final development of the pack further. But eventually I changed everything that I wanted to change, released the pack, and have updated it twice - once at the beginning of the 1.8 cycle and again when I found a cunning way to change the paintings to what I needed for the then-ongoing project in Sinclair's Foundry; that was the 1.8 MkII version.

1.9 was such a brief cycle (relative to what had come before) that I never had a chance to release that version of the resource pack, but neither that nor the 1.10 version have seen any graphical or naming changes - although, if you look at the bottom, 1.10 does bring something else to the table.

For 1.11 there are also no changes that are in any way significant, although I have included some additions in the language file that I missed in previous cycles, such as the name of the Guardian and the added enchantments, none of which are changed... but could now be. The MkII version was released to include the small number of new additions in 1.11.1, and though the version for 1.12 was heavily delayed, it does contain one name change. 1.13 looks like it won't need anything updating so there may not be another update to the pack until 1.14.

When in the game, to see the names I've changed in the resource pack, highlights of which are shown in the chronological changelog below, make sure you have the language set to English (UK), wherever you are in the English-speaking world. If you've got your copy of Minecraft set to a different language, I haven't changed anything there.

Download the current version:

Hammer Of Retribution Resource Pack 1.12




The overwhelming reason for issuing this as the Hammer Of Retribution Resource Pack, though, needs a bit of further explanation. I've replaced the regular music discs with something far more suited to the name, and also found a way to rename the discs in-game via the 1.8 resource pack - in the 1.7 version, what they sounded like conflicted horribly with the titles, which were still those of C413's drifty-floaty electronica. I will reveal the tracks involved... but to prevent any spoilers for anyone out there who'd rather get hold of the discs in-game to discover what they are that way, I've blackened out the titles.

Also, with the launch of the 1.10 version of the resource pack, so little had changed since 1.8 that I thought I'd revamp the entire musical package, including some of the finest epic heathen metal of 2015 and 2016 amongst some other, older tracks.

Highlight the titles with the mouse to see which disc contains which track.