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Project coordinates: n/a
Date completed: 28 January 2017
Minecraft day completed: 6401

Minecraft 1.9 brought with it the new Mending enchantment, and hence the potential to forge weapons, tools and armour capable of repairing themselves. No more pot luck on the enchantment table to see if we can cast the spells we need, no more spending vast amounts of emeralds at Open Forum on the correct books to make sure our tools work the way we want. Now - provided I don't fall out of the world or throw myself in a lava pit without a Fire Resistance potion - I'll only ever have to buy all those books once and make items that will last forever...

...provided I have some handy source of experience orbs. Which, of course, I do.

This page will be moved up the Sinclair's Foundry project menu as more items are added to it.

Back in my initial forays in 1.9, I obtained my first handful of Mending books. So, that night the longswords were grinded and the shields were forged in blood, by the hands of the most dextrous blacksmiths. Well... maybe not the shields, because I've never needed one - attack is the best form of defence in my book - but two swords, two hammers, a full set of armour and various other tools that I might need on my quest were pounded out on the anvil.

I would like you all to note that it is entirely possible to obtain all of these, legitimately, in Survival. I did - do not even think of contacting me with comments that scream "OMFG YOU CHEATED YOU HACKED THE GAME BLAH BLAH WAFFLE WAFFLE SHRIEK" with hundreds of spelling errors than even a three-year-old would find embarrassing. Add the books to the item one by one, and yes, you will run into "Too expensive!" trouble.

What I did was, combine the Unbreaking III and Mending books first. Then, all the other enchantments onto another book. Then, combine the two books into one (Unbreaking III and Mending second) so that some have five enchantments. Then, and only then, apply this book to the item. Some of these cost over 30 levels to add to the item, but all were under 40.

Oh, and if you want to know how many levels I used in total? I kept count, and it was 762.


Never mind the 336 I started with, I have a lot of blaze rods now.

The Armoury as I left it at the end of the 1.9 cycle wasn't quite complete. Frost Walker was the other new "treasure" enchantment added in 1.9, that could only be painstakingly dredged up with a fishing rod, found at random in a newly-generated dungeon, or bought from a librarian. I didn't have the right librarian at the time, by my patience was rewarded as he appeared soon enough and I handed over a truly terrible amount of emeralds to get what would probably be the only Frost Walker II book I would ever need to buy. Not a moment too soon, because I would need some Frost Walker boots during my first proper foray into building with magma blocks.

Meanwhile, Mending has by now been reduced in cost from 36 emeralds to 10, which I think is the lowest possible price for this invaluable book. Well worth knowing if I ever need any more!

I thought that the Armoury would be complete at the end of the 1.10 cycle. But during the course of the first few projects in 1.11, I found that wasn't the case...