It had to happen, didn't it? Since there was never a Rick 3 for any of the machines that Rick ever existed on, Gelatine (who I assume to be Frederic Binher, judging from his previous emails) has taken it upon himself to provide a proper sequel for the PC, which previously suffered in comparison to the 16-bits.

I have played a very early version of the game. So far the only first level has been made, which is a return to South America. At this early stage, lives, limited ammo, ammo crates, Rick's fist and/or stick, hidden traps, and the use of bombs have not been implemented, so Rick goes charging off at the Goolus with a gun and an unlimited amount of ammo.

Some interesting points about Rick 3:

And by far the biggest point to note, is that the sounds have been sourced from this very website! Fantastic!

The game is made in Blitz Basic, in the same way as Damien Green's Auf Wiedersehem Monty PC (it used to be at www.aufmonty.fsnet.co.uk but seems to have disappeared...) Consequently, even at this stage it plays extremely well, with none of the problems that blight those Dizzy remakes made with the Games Factory, such as truly horrific collision detection resulting in Dizzy usually getting stuck in the scenery somewhere...

It's not perfect - some things will need correcting, as (for instance) there are seven Goolus to shoot in the first section - Rick would run out of ammo in either of the two originals, and I suspect once the features that need to be added are added, the level will have to be restructured - such as the number of baddies Rick encounters, which at the moment is a humungous amount, though it can afford to be given that Rick has limited ammo.

I have made quite a few suggestions as to what could be done to the game, including not using a WAV version of the Rick theme tune, which has an enourmous file size. So I've written MIDI versions of the two theme tunes, and the victory tune at the end of Rick 2, and sent them on.

The game development ground to a halt soon after that. It seems it's had a bit of a chequered history. A while ago, Alexandre of Rick Dangerous Forever posted news of a new remake - though, presumably to avoid the usual Core Design licence problems, the game was named "Dan Risky" - and hence was a Rick Dangerous remake in all but name. Excitedly, I looked at the screenshots to find this was, in fact, Rick Dangerous III in just the state it had been a year before. Not that it's a problem, you might say - two people working on the remake is better than one. Unfortunately, the next thing I knew, Alexandre had posted a rant (in French) on the front page of RDF:

Bon. Pas de graphiste, plus de codeur, fini le remake...

The Dan Risky page had vanished completely, and it looked for most of the time as if it had taken down RDF with it.

But, RDF did re-open again, and at the end of September 2005, I was alerted to a download site for Rick 3, by none other than... Kilian Hekhuis, who's done more for the content of this site than I could ever imagine. And so, finally, you can all get your hands on it. It's quite a large file (1.50 MB zipped), presumably due to the use of uncompressed sound, and uncompressed bitmaps in the titles. And it turns out it's been downloadable for three years without me knowing!

Download it from www.blitzcoder.com.


Rick 3 is controlled by the cursor keys, plus SPACE to drop a bomb and ALT to fire the pistol. There may be some rehash once the fist is implemented.


I think not. Rick has unlimited lives as it is anyway...


Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way of escaping the full screen, and the Print Screen key has no effect. If I can find a way round this, I'll post some screenshots.