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Rick Dangerous Resurrected
Rick Dangerous Resurrected

A legacy site (last updated 31 December 2005) detailing the greatest computer game of the 1980s ever to be blatantly and obviously based on the character of Indiana Jones.

The Hammer of Retribution Ogg-Cast
Hammer of Retribution Productions

The site of Nottingham's greatest heavy metal podcast, produced between 2009 and 2019 - with a section for tangentially related YouTube videos.
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The Diamond Hammer

My own worlds away from reality, all in glorious cubic-metre blocks on a screen.

ZX Spectrum Pages

My further tribute to the computer made by men in sheds from a small, rain-lashed island in north-western Europe that took on the corporate might of the Americans and the Japanese, taught a generation how to code, and is still enjoyed and revered 35 years after its launch.