(For anyone still confused by the title of this page, I mean meet the creator of this website, not the game itself... actually I have no idea who created the game but whoever it is, is an all-round diamond geezer!)

Me at W:O:A 2005

That's me sitting on top of my car at the Wacken Open Air festival, in Northern Germany, August 2005. The 1500 miles there and back were what I'd call the dictionary definition of the Epykk Road Trip to end all Epykk Road Trips.

Tell me: did you have the image of an ultra-nerd with deranged teeth and two-inch-thick glasses from sitting at his computer all day long? You'd be horribly wrong. For good measure, here's another photo:

Jimmer playing bass with Fire & Forget

...there I am, approximately four years ago now, making a right old racket with my last band, Fire & Forget. And there are more bands to come...

I've really said bugger all about me on this site, but that's not what it's for. And there's not a lot about me on Metal Storm, as that's where I keep assorted metal-related paraphernalia and the like. There used to be back in the old days when I had time to run two websites at once, but this one took over when it became obvious that this is where the world was looking.

Metal Storm