If you're visiting this site, then I figure you must be into retrogaming in general, so here's some sites to have a good look through.


Metal Storm
OK, I'm plugging my own site first. But then, I would do, especially as this site has more hits on it!

Spoutnick Team
The Spoutnick Team are two Belgians who are probably the most enthusiastic Rick Dangerous remake programmers out there, responsible for the aborted Rick Dangerous Advance and Dangerous Xmas, so far...

The personal website of Pascal Bosquet, from the Spoutnick Team.

Simon Phipps
The personal website of Simon Phipps, one of the original developers of Rick 2. Incidentally, there's some notable quotes from his Rick 2 page:
"EPILOGUE: Whatever, the teleporter could misfire and send Rick back in time, forward or even sideways!! It might be interesting for him to return home safely, leading nicely to RICK III as a detective spoof (along the lines of Bogart, etc., since this 40's - 50's feel seems to work quite well). Who knows?"
1940's detective? Ben Wagner may have noticed... what about this one as well:
"As yet, the Man in the Hat has never reached his destination, his mantle having been passed on to a certain female adventurer of more elegant and saleable proportions."
I wonder who might also have thought of that connection? Great minds think alike, clearly.

Paragon MSX
Writers of the MSX version of Rick Dangerous. Currently, the website is empty; this link is in case it has any content in the future.


Rick Dangerous en français:
Rick Dangerous Forever
There's a lot of French retrogamers out there, and it seems Rick is a popular choice. Rick Dangerous Forever was inspired by this website, and now there's this one that might be slightly more useful for the many French retrogamers out there...

Website for the first Rick Dangerous remake. Links to this website!

Rick Dangerous 32KB
Arnaud Carré's page for Rick Dangerous 32KB. Links to this website!

Wikipedia: Rick Dangerous
Wikipedia entry for both Rick Dangerous games. Links to this website!


Keep It Retro
Someone advertised this site on Keep It Retro, so they finally get a link in return!


Retro Remakes
If any old game has been remade, there'll be a link to it here. XRick, Rick Dangerous Advance and Rick 32KB are all included.

Scottige's website, where there's a remake of Rick 1 going on, but also a host of other remakes, including Dizzy like you've never seen him before...

Totochfly's Abandonware website (also available in French), where I first found the files for Rick Dangerous on the PC.

a.k.a. "The End Of The World Is Nigh". Has some Amiga content and something which might just be of interest to aficionados of this site...?


Well, I couldn't leave Dizzy out of the site completely! And if I find some really good sites about Monty Mole or Jet Set Willy that are as good as the two Dizzy sites here, they'll be up here quicker than you can say "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

THE best Dizzy site there is and ever will be.

The Dizzy Zone
There used to be something here. Did it get absorbed into Yolkfolk? Will it be relaunched?

Giddy 3
Phil Ruston thought Dizzy was so great, he made a set of three games (two on the Amiga, one on the PC) that are shockingly close to the original... but are really rather good!

Totally different to anything on here - but an absolute cracker. Once you've got used to the odd controls (and they are very odd) you'll never put it down!


There isn't space on this page to include every emulation site, but these are fairly comprehensive for the machines they cover.

World of Spectrum
THE place for everything Spectrum-related.

The TZX Vault
Contains TZX versions of as many tapes as the site owners can get their hands on. Includes the originals of Rick 1 and 2.

The RZX Archive
Contains RZX files, showing Spectrum games being completed. The RZX files on this site may be uploaded there if Daren takes RZXs of single levels as well as whole games. I've made one contribution already.

THE place for everything C64-related, except for downloads.

The Little Green Desktop
THE place for everything ST-related. Again, no downloads, though.



Back To The Roots
Another huge Amiga-related site.

Visual Boy Advance
The Game Boy Advance emulator needed to play Spoutnick Team's Dangerous Xmas.

NVG's FTP server
Contains masses and masses of program files from several different machines. Just keep looking and you'll find what you want, eventually...


Sinclair User Online

Your Sinclair Rock n' Roll Years

CRASH Online

Amiga Future Online
Written in German. Contains Georg Breitsprecher's walkthrough of Egypt, based on my map.


The Bird Sanctuary
Telecomsoft was known in Europe as Firebird, the software house that gave us the hero of this website. Richard Hewison, who play-tested the original Rick, made this website and asked me to link to it... so here it is!

Marc's Amiga Games Collection
Marc.de's website contains a VRML 3D image of the box for the Amiga version of Rick Dangerous.

What's this on the title page of this site?