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Minecraft In The Arctic is a new series started on 1st January 2017, a year after the creation of this website, intended to fill in the gaps when Sinclair's Foundry is on downtime between the creation of epic machines and other spectacular buildings (by my standards, anyway).

The world is heavily restricted - it is a Customised world, where the only change made is to move the "Biome" slider to Ice Plains, creating a never-ending landscape of snow and ice, where trees and food are scarce, stalked by polar bears in the day and strays at night. Survival will be difficult, but not impossible, for there are ways to overcome even seemingly impossible challenges!

Updates will be given in more of a Postcards From Rejectland style, it's not that there will be specific projects, merely a new load of screenshots every time the world completes a Minecraft year. I'm treating day 0 as 1st January 2000 on the real-world calendar, and as 2000 was a leap year, the first update will be given when the world is at day 366 (the equivalent of 1st January 2001), then day 731 (1st January 2002), and so on.

I will allow anything in this world to make survival easier, even digging through the roof of the Nether, though I'll most likely still avoid exploiting glitches because these tend to be patched. The seed for this world - even though some will say it makes little difference - is ultimathule, or, strictly numerically, 402661338.

Year 4: If I Were A Rich Man... YEAR 4: IF I WERE A RICH MAN...
Timespan: 10 February - 9 March 2021 Version: 1.12.2
Year 3: The Industrial Revolution YEAR 3: THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION
Timespan: 8 May - 18 July 2018 Version: 1.12.2
Year 2: Civilisation YEAR 2: CIVILISATION
Timespan: 14 - 17 January 2017
& 1 January - 25 February 2018
1.11.2 - 1.12.2
Year 1: Stranger In A Strange Land YEAR 1: STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND
Timespan: 1 - 9 January 2017 Version: 1.11.2
Introduction: The Challenge of Life in the Freezer INTRODUCTION: THE CHALLENGE OF LIFE IN THE FREEZER
Start date: 1 January 2017 Version: 1.11.2