This is another fan-made remake, dating from 1995 and constructed by Hitmen Software. However, it still remains a mystery for now.

The problem is, although Acorn Archimedes emulators are not too hard to get hold of, the ancient version of the RISC OS (v3.11) it used is still not public domain. This means either buying the one commercial emulator available with the ROM in it (at $99, so I hear) to check out one game, or raiding a warez site. I am prepared to do neither.

However, I do know someone who may still have a working Archimedes...

What I've got to go on so far is a review where an Archimedes website gave the game a right royal panning, and I'm not going to dignify them with a link. Also I have a couple of screenshots sent by Kilian Hekhuis. These will enlarge.

So far, so Rick 1. Looks OK, doesn't it? However, while I'm tempted to write off the Archimedes site reviewer as a blind cave troll with eleven thumbs, there's something nagging me that he might be right. Look at that left hand screenshot again...

That's two typos and two horrific mispunctuations on what I believe is the title screen of the short demo. Furthermore, it seems Rick and the Goolu are running past a backdrop of Schwarzendumpf Castle.

Kilian informs me that the demo has one level and is a bizarre amalgamation of the first three levels of Rick 1.

Points about bad animation and bad gameplay I can't address until I've played this for myself, but I'd like to believe that Hitmen Software haven't ruined it.

However, I can pour a whole pint of liquid scorn on the original reviewers comment that the graphics are poor. This is what Rick is supposed to look like! Should have gone to Specsavers!


Red Squirrel is probably your best bet. And I am led to believe that the disk image is here. Good luck tracking down a warez copy of the RISC OS, though.

Red Squirrel emulator: Go to the site
Archimedes Rick disk image
(PKD file, probably the Archimedes equivalent of ZIP or RAR):
Go to the site


According to Kilian:

Z = left, X = right, ' = up, / = down, ENTER = fire. (That's right, the apostrophe and slash keys.)

However, it seems the Z key is also defined as PAUSE, so use of a joystick may be better.

I am already having more suspicions about the quality of this conversion...


Who knows?


See the top section. I'll put some up of the bizarre combined-level sections if I ever get to play the game.