The comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition 2021 - 25th edition!



In September 2021, I was contacted by Andrew Fisher of Retro Gamer magazine, who keeps an active presence on the Spectrum Computing and World of Spectrum forums, wondering if I would take part in an interview about the 2021 CSSCGC once the last entries had come in. Of course, I said yes...

Retro Gamer were rehashing their "Homebrew" section at the time, with this article scheduled for publication in issue 232, available in mid-April 2022. I bought my copy on the day it was released, and a glorious two-page spread on pages 98-99 was everything I could ever have wanted it to be. However, given that it was me doing the interview and I will never use one word when ten will do, my input - other than running the competition for a year - was a few choice clips from what I sent to Andrew.

I sent my response in mid-January 2022, and for anyone who wants to see the full text... wonder no longer what I said. Some of this will be repeating what I've said in other parts of this site, but I prefer to keep it as I wrote it originally.