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None of this, other than the act of typing in the listings, is my own work; if ever I do write a program for the QL, it'll be hosted on the "My Programs" page. This page lists the QL type-in games that were published in magazines from late 1984 to some time around 1987, and which are listed on The Type Fantastic - if I find any more I'll be sure to post them here, eventually.

The QL's screen display was quite bizarre - a resolution of 512×256 stretched vertically into rectangular pixels for an aspect ratio of "not quite 4:3" - but that's Sir Clive for you. Screenshots have been taken at 512×256, so one QL pixel equals one PC pixel, for accurate preservation purposes - but they will be expanded to 1024×688 on this display, which is an just about correct for the QL's aspect ratio, even if the upscaling does make for pixels of weird sizes on the PC screen that look like they've been smeared with Vaseline.

Naming conventions for Jim Grimwood's Type Fantastic are used in this index. A second title given in brackets indicates that either the listing was part of a larger article, or the magazine attempted to rename it.

The ZIP files are not QL ZIPs. As well as the relevant file in .MDV format, and in _bas format in a folder marked "files" (both made and exported by "Grandpa" QLAY, at this point), they contain the original article from the magazine (probably found on the World of Spectrum archive), the text of that article, and a screenshot - maybe more than one. Unzip these on your PC (or Mac), then deal with the bits that will actually run on the QL emulator of your choice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any programs containing user-defined graphics may be compromised by add-on ROMs - such as Toolkit II or QLAY's NFA ROM. To see these programs as the author intended, disable the extra ROMs and start the QL emulation with the JS ROM only.

BASIC Monitor Eric Cowsill Sinclair User Sep 1984 96 Both 582
Function Fit J.M. Kelly Sinclair User Oct 1985 89 Both 265
Gossamer Arthur Douglass Sinclair User May 1985 94 Both 240
Graphics Toolkit Talent Computer Systems Sinclair User Annual 1986 31 Both 1,659
QL Characters Philip Smith Sinclair User Mar 1985 85 TV 257
QL Screen Dump
(Getting into the Picture)
Jeff Lawson Sinclair User Dec 1985 101 Both 910
QooL Graphics Neil Sampson Sinclair User Jan 1985 97 Both 246
Scribe David Titterington Sinclair User Jul 1985 81 TV 258
UDG Designer
(QL Characteristics)
David Nowotnik ZX Computing Oct/Nov 1985 86 Monitor 1,244
Window Demonstration
(QL SuperBASIC part 1)
David Nowotnik ZX Computing Apr 1986 43 Both 758