Hammer Of Retribution Productions' Sinclair computing pages



This is an archive of programs and games I've released publicly, whether on various comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competitions, via the Spectrum Computing and/or World of Spectrum forums, or which have only ever been hosted here. As Spectrum Computing is kept more regularly up to date these days, most of the links will point there, if that's where the file is hosted. CSSCGC entries are usually collected together then the competition has ended and released as an all-in-one package, which I'll link to when that's appropriate, otherwise it'll be to the individual file.

As 2020 has been such a productive year for adding to my collection of programming feats (for reasons which should be blindingly obvious), I've had to split the page into three separate listings - one for Spectrum programs, one for ZX81 and ZX80 programs, and one for any other machine I've written something for - the QL, SAM Coupé, Spectrum Next, maybe even a machine that has nothing to do with Sinclair...