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Screenshots: 28Timespan: 1 April 2016Version: 1.RV-Pre1

You know, with all the time I spent waiting for 1.9 to arrive, over 500 days in fact - and for all the excitement I had when the first snapshot arrived, I've still not updated my main game to 1.9, even a month into its cycle! 1.9.2 dropped on March 30th... but what I was waiting for was the annual April Fool.

Last year brought us the really bizarre "1.10: Love And Hugs Update" in the form of snapshot 15w14a, which changed the game mechanics so much I'm still annoyed at Mojang to this day that they took it off the launcher - surmounting the problems it brought would have made for an excellent Let's Play series, which would include a number of challenges, such as: how do you build a brewing stand, if it's impossible to damage any mobs with any weapons? (The answer: you'll need a blaze rod, so drop some sand on a blaze and it will suffocate. Job done!)

This year, knowing what might happen on April 1st, I went in blind, to see what I could discover. Here are my results...