The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast


This section is dedicated to any videos I've filmed, edited and made public. The use of the Hammer Of Retribution Productions ident is a guarantee that the visuals are my own work; soundtracks are almost invariably provided by people I know who are far more talented with a guitar - and a variety of other instruments - than I will ever be. 24th October 2013 saw the official launch of Hammer Of Retribution Productions, via the first episode of Tales Along The Old Corpse Road.

Just about everything you will see in this section has been filmed using a 2009 model JVC Everio GZ-HD30 camcorder, and edited with Final Cut Express on a Mac. Still images are most likely to have been edited with GIMP and sound files with Audacity.


Tales Along The Old Corpse Road The Saga Of Iceland: 2016 Reissue Other Videos


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