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Screenshots: 28Timespan: December 2012 - March 2013Versions: 1.4.5 - 1.4.7

One thing I haven't found in Rejectland yet, due to staying very close to home so that new land can always be generated by later versions, is a mushroom island. I'd seen them before on the Wiki, I'd played with the mycelium blocks in Creative mode, but I'd never found one, and for a while I was convinced they were a massive hoax on the part of Mojang and the developers.

That is, until I went looking for forum threads on how best to find a mushroom island, and the usual response is either "get lucky" or "use a map seed that spawns there". So I took these seeds on board, and wondered if they'd work. The first did, and as I'd started in Survival mode, I thought I'd have a go at making the world work for me, and building it up from scratch as I had with Rejectland. I had a go at a couple of others in Creative, just to see the seeds worked, and then a fourth took my interest due to spawning near a mushroom island with Large Biomes switched on, so I could see how big they can get (but that's a story for another day).

There is an essential trick to surviving easily on a mushroom island. Hostile mobs never spawn on one - it's the biome mechanics rather than the presence of mycelium that does that, mind - and there are mooshrooms instead of cows - at least, they look like cows, but are red, have black eyes and have red mushrooms growing on them. Cows can be milked with an iron bucket; mooshrooms have a further trick up their udders, which the mushroom island virgin should bear in mind... and which I didn't, until after the first night had passed, and I'd used up all the wood making things I didn't really need such as a hoe, so I had to kill skeletons, obtain bone meal, and grow more trees...

Anyway, here comes the stories from four mushroom biomes - only three of which are mine. There is another one still to come.

And remember: these seeds stopped working beyond 1.6.4 when the world generation was changed. Try them in 1.7.2 or beyond and there will be no mushrooms where you'd expect to find them!





I wasn't going to reveal the coordinates of the mushroom island in Paul's world - but once 1.5 dropped he made very few further tutorials in 1.5 and 1.6. He certainly mentioned going to a mushroom island, because I wrote back and reminded him of my message, but it still never happened and once 1.7 arrived, the coordinates I'd sent were no longer valid. So they're here - just remember if you download any of his Tutorial World snapshots and want to go looking for the island yourself, you'll have to do it in 1.6.4 at the latest.

And with a bit of luck, you've all worked out exactly what the essential item is to survival on a mushroom island... and also what the drawback is. Five blocks of wood, for a total of 20 planks: use three of them to make a wooden bowl (or four) before you do anything else. "Milk" the mooshrooms the way you would with an iron bucket for the cows and there you have it, an infinite supply of mushroom stew... on tap. On the other hand, in Funguslands I, the absence of sheep means... no beds! Or at least, not instantly; you'll have to kill enough spiders to pick up 12 pieces of string, which can be made into three blocks of wool, and as I found, that can take a while. And if anyone's inspired to make their new home on a mushroom island now you know all the survival tips, do tell me.