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Screenshots: 39Timespan: October 2012 - February 2013Version: 1.4

After Postcards part I, I planned to strike way out east to where 1.4 would generate some new Extreme Hills, and thus make an emerald mine which would also yield diamonds, gold and other valuables. Better still, I knew 1.5 was coming - the "Redstone Update" - and along with a whole load of new redstone mechanisms that I never intended to bother with at the time, that would finally enable the crafting of a redstone block, an excellent space-saver similar to what could then be achieved with emeralds, diamonds, gold, iron and lapis lazuli. So, what should have come out of that mine by now would have taken up a lot less space (because there's a hell of a lot of redstone to be hauled out amongst the rest of the wares).

However, it didn't. I built a railway due east, I built a hut for the mine, I started digging, and then realised - hey, what about a shortcut back to Fortress of Fortitude through the Nether? It'll be quicker than the railway, which will be better for lugging huge loads of cargo back to the Fortress.

But I failed to heed a warning. The Nether had already caused the game to crash once - most annoyingly, on the safe path I'd built to a Nether fortress, and thus had cut off my supply of blaze rods and also (once I'd updated to 1.4.2) Wither skeleton skulls. I'd walk through the tunnel I'd dug to the fortress, the game would lock up and I'd have to restart. It sounded like there was a ghast that had spawned inside the cliff face and that was causing trouble, so I grabbed all the TNT I'd accumulated, approached the chunk that made the game crash as much as I dared, and let it rip. Earth shattering kaboom, netherrack flies everywhere, I rebuild the path through with cobblestone... but still it crashed. This was annoying, but I figured I might be able to approach from a different angle, and I could still go through the Nether to get to my two villages, so I didn't worry.

I should have done. I found a third village, my first in a desert, just east of the new emerald mine, so I thought I'd build a Nether portal on the hills-desert boundary to serve both purposes. This would mean that new land in the Nether was generated, and it should all be OK. It was, for a while, practical difficulties aside; I built the portal, found it was hovering above a precipitous drop, built cobblestone round it anyway, fell in the lava, died and had all my gear melted beyond recovery (and didn't even think about using a fire resistance potion, so fast did it happen until it was too late), shouted obscenities in five different languages, picked myself up, respawned in the mine hut, headed back to the Nether...

...the game crashed in the first chunk of the Nether. I couldn't even step out of the portal on the other side, because the purple swirling hadn't even finished. And if I couldn't get out, I couldn't get back in and back to dry land which still worked.

Rejectland, that I'd spent so many, many hours on, appeared to be in ruins.

The only thing to do was to search the Minecraft forums for similar problems. I found one, which involved removing the corrupt chunks with MCEdit. I thought this would be my only solution, and was pleased to find there's a Mac version that I thought I could use. But I never got round to it in this cycle; this was November 2012, the problems had been in 1.4.2, and soon enough, 1.4.5 was released. I hadn't even touched Minecraft for a while, had to for some reason I have long since forgotten, and found 1.4.4 and 1.4.5 had been released in the interim, with 1.4.4 detailing a ton of bug fixes. I'd now made a backup copy of Rejectland - just in case I experimented with MCEdit - and loaded it anyway. And it worked! So I escaped from the Nether as quickly as possible, and returned to the land of the living, and made a very hasty new backup copy of Rejectland - which I'd only just found out how to do (which turned out to be so easy a chimpanzee could have done it). It worked again, at least, but I never started on the emerald mine, or at least, it's built but there has been no mining.

I found other Minecraft projects to amuse me in the interim, which are highlighted elsewhere, but for now, here's Rejectland as I left it after its dramatic rescue. How about we start with the bits I've added to and improved?





And, having seen what I updated, here's what's all new!


There is a rather sad footnote to the creation of Wilson House. Justin Wilson died in a freak accident at Pocono Raceway in August 2015, while competing in his twelfth season of American open-wheel racing that followed his brief Formula One career. This was after both the shutdown of Formula One Rejects and the retirement of Rejectland - but an excellent article was written by the user "giraurd" on the Grand Prix Rejects forum that would have made an excellent Formula One Rejects profile. And, according to the criteria, Justin Wilson was still eligible for the profile as his death was after his time in Formula One - unlike Jules Bianchi who had only died a month before as a direct result of his crash in the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka, and was given an "honorary unrejectification".

It should serve to remind everyone that, just because the site had "rejects" in the title, it was no bearing on the driver's ability; maybe they didn't have the budget, the equipment or the good luck to compete at the top. Justin Wilson won four races in his open-wheel career; Jules Bianchi was being groomed for a future drive with Ferrari, and certainly neither of them were mugs behind the wheel, whatever the performance of their F1 machinery might have said.