The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



Project coordinates: X +176 : Y +66 : Z +89
Date completed: 7 July 2015
Minecraft day completed: approx. 3200

Be not alarmed by the apparent clash of times between this and Hop & Chop's Treemendous Timber Yard. Neither of these two had the world saved immediately after their completion, so I have no record of the Minecraft day they were finished. But the Timber Yard was the much larger project and was built first, followed by this. It was supposed to be one of the upcoming fixes, but the original build never worked properly, so I never included it in a previous update, and I found at this point it never would have worked. It was a simple case of tearing down the old version and building this new one, which was done in a matter of minutes (in real time) to get it working, and with only a small amount of decoration required.

The design is NimsTV's fish farm, built exactly as he specified - except, originally, I missed one piece of vital information...

This farm has been completely rebuilt after the 1.11 update broke it: see Project 47: Loose Ends.

Typical production rate per hour, with standard fishing rods - no Lure or Luck Of The Sea: 143 items.
74 herring, 30 salmon, 16 pufferfish, 2 clownfish, plus 6 "treasure" and 15 "junk" as defined by the Wiki.