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Project coordinates: X -899 : Y +76 : Z +2043
Date completed: 16 January 2016
Minecraft day completed: 4437

Yes, yes, I know, technically I should have called it The Dogs And The Mega Taiga, but it just doesn't sound right. Remember in the lead-up to the 1.7 snapshots that would introduce all the new biomes, "Redwood Forest", as it was unofficially known at the time, was the second to be revealed via a picture from Jeb (after the "Disco Mountains" which would become the six Mesa variants). Then there was the fiasco of two of the new biomes, numbered 160 and 161, being given the same name - Mega Spruce Taiga. These were the M variants of Mega Taiga (32) and Mega Taiga Hills (33) respectively, so logically, if 160 was Mega Spruce Taiga, then surely 161 should have been renamed Mega Spruce Taiga Hills. But that would make far too much sense, wouldn't it, and in the 1.8 snapshots it was renamed Redwood Taiga Hills M. This went completely unannounced and by careful evaluation of the paper trail I would estimate that the biome name was changed in 14w17a, alongside the change of Sky to The End, which was announced.

Anyway, the main point of this minor project was to revisit an area I'd built a Nether railway line to and visited, probably, once - just to harvest a bit of podzol in case I ever needed it. This time, I had more of a purpose - as I'd been to a jungle in project 15 to find some cats, this time I'd go looking for dogs. I mean, wolves. Animals can change species in this game. That, and the biome naming fiasco (and oak trees dropping apples...) is Minecraft logic laid bare.

Maybe I will return one day and build a whole village of these treehouses...