The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



Project coordinates: X +717 : Y +64 : Z +84
Date completed: 2 July 2016
Minecraft day completed: 5316

And to think this was supposed to have been a project for 1.9! Time flies at Mojang when you're having fun with polar bears...

One of the main additions in 1.9, with the expansion of The End, was the chorus plants, and all the various purple-coloured blocks and structures that could be obtained from their fruit - which I figured I'd need a very large stash of, with the giant mega-project lurking on the horizon that I've mentioned so many times that's designed to show off exactly how filthy rich I am.

This is the farm I tested more extensively in superflat worlds than any other - to make sure it worked, and obtain the maximum yield from the space available, but also to get the exterior design absolutely right. And obviously, I wanted to use a hefty amount of the new End-based blocks that 1.9 had added.

That would all come together quite spectacularly when I realised what colour combination the new blocks made, and how it could be directly related to another fondly-remembered Spectrum game from my youth.

Typical production rates:
Seeding floor: 85 chorus flowers and 97 chorus fruit per complete harvest - after replanting.
Note that the harvesting floors will require 128 chorus flowers to plant completely!
Harvesting floors: 1,454 chorus fruit per complete harvest (or 11.36 per chorus flower planted).




To sum up - was it worth all that frenetic mining in 1.9.4 to obtain as much End brick as I did?
After some struggle with MCEdit (as usual), I analysed the blocks used in this build and it told me I'd used:

2,252 purpur blocks
966 purpur pillars
45 purpur stairs
384 purpur slabs
7,538 End bricks!

I am sitting here imagining the pain and horror (and extensive redesign of the build) had I not gone mining when I did and had I found the removal of the End brick crafting recipe was intentional. How many End cities would I have had to destroy?

Either way, I still have 19,982 End bricks left to do something with. That should see me through for a while.