The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



Project coordinates: X +223 : Y +58 : Z +184
Date completed: 13 September 2018
Minecraft day completed: 8171

As reported in Project 55: Healing The Sick And Burying The Dead, three of the existing farms in this world need stripping out and rebuilding - one of them, somewhere else. Fortunately, this isn't one that needs moving elsewhere - the current site, helpfully located in the spawn chunks, will still suffice. The problem with the original design in 1.13.1 is that neither pumpkins nor melons will grow - and neither will their developing stems - if there's a solid block above the stem, which was suspected to be an unannounced change, or possibly a bug. Either way, I can't wait - this farm needs a fix. I could have just dug a bit further down and rebuilt the original design with an extra block of space between each layer, but this is an excellent opportunity for an upgrade. There are plenty of smaller farms that used complicated BUD switches to harvest the pumpkins and melons that I always thought were more trouble than they were worth - the one I'll always remember from t'old days was Dataless822's unnecessarily huge creation built in 1.6. But things have moved on since then and I dread to think what Data could fit into the same space since observers were added in 1.11! I never need anything as huge as what he built, but what I can fit into my space was helpfully provided by Mumbo Jumbo, who was experimenting with observer-based farms since the small device he built for Hermitcraft season 6 broke when 1.13.1 was released. I'll be going with a variant of his second design (the one with the orange blocks), so let's get digging and I can finally obtain some more tradeables...

Typical production rate per hour: 353 pumpkins, 2421 melon slices (= 269 melon blocks)