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"If you hadn't seen it with your own eyes, you wouldn't believe it, but it's true. The aliens are in league with the Illuminati. You know you can't go home, back to Earth. You can't send a warning, or call for backup. No one would believe you. You'd be dismissed as a crackpot, a laughingstock. Your only choice is to take the fight to their turf. And there's no turning back."

In the beginning (i.e. 2016), there was the thoroughly excellent Doom II megawad, Ancient Aliens - a fully converted 32 levels, with a bright, neon-lit and very un-Doom-like colour palette, satirising conspiracy theories (some of which might not be quite so fictional...) as well as the TV show of the same name, which gave rise to the meme that's used in the wad as the pointer on the main menu. Quite deservingly, it won a Cacoward.

My sights were set rather lower than the Cacowards - playing through the wad inspired Illuminati, which was sent to the 2020 CSSCGC. And after converting the original ZX81 version for the Spectrum in 2021, and then for the QL in 2022, while waiting for the review of the QL version, I decided I'd convert this game for as many different 1980s computers as I could - just to expand my horizons even further, and tackle all sorts of unexpected challenges in the process. It might take a while... but here's a round-up of the versions that I've released, to compare and contrast. All of them are packaged with some version of the Completely Ludicrous Background to the game, as well as instructions on how to play it (it's simple, really) - as well as a suggestion that all you have to do to work out how the Illuminati's Top-Secret Calculation Formula works is disassemble the machine code on whatever model you're looking at.