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In the summer of 2009, I turned 30 - and had long since decided to celebrate with a two-week tour around a country that had always fascinated me for the dual highlights of its unique brand of geological lunacy and its rich vein of Norse history and heritage. The trip was a roaring success - and was documented meticulously; 807 photos and a gargantuan 64,000 word written review have been available since October 2009, a couple of months after we landed back at Heathrow.

However, I'd bought myself an early birthday present in the spring, the video camera that has been responsible for bringing you everything on the Hammer Of Retribution Productions pages, and I'd filmed just about everything it was possible to film throughout the two-week trip. I returned with almost seven hours of raw footage, and a Herculean task to edit it all - not least because I still had to learn how to use Final Cut Express from scratch, which has a user manual that, when printed, fills an A4 lever arch file to its maximum capacity.

After a large amount of time tentatively poking around at Final Cut Express, it was the autumn of 2011 before I finally mustered up the motivation to get this gigantic job done. Only a handful of people have seen the final result, which reaches a total of 5 hours and 50 minutes. The end credit sequence includes a "hypocritical copyright notice" to those handful of viewers not to upload any part of it to YouTube - mainly because I'd included a short sequence from an Iceland-based episode of Top Gear, and used a soundtrack from a vast array of bands that would make an excellent episode of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast on their own. And I didn't want the Google overlords chasing me for a vast amount of US dollars that I do not have and will never hope to have.

In 2009 the number of people I knew (and liked) who had been to Iceland could be counted on the fingers of one hand. In 2015 that number has grown enough that I would need both my hands and those of my two co-conspirators to count on as well. Also, in these past few years, the number of one-man solo projects making the right kind of epic heathen metal and are giving away their music as free downloads has increased from zero to... let's say, enough to make a soundtrack almost as marvellous as the original. So it is time to revisit the render files that have languished on my external hard drive for four years, dust them down and re-edit them into a shorter cut that will be suitable for posting on YouTube. In doing so, I will also be able to correct any mistakes that I made during what was my first proper attempt at video editing. The original cut met my standards in 2011 - but I know so much more about video editing now and I know there can be improvements.

This is an ongoing project that should be crawling out of the woodwork during 2016 - so keep an eye on this page.

In the puffin we trust. Thor we hail. Watch these videos - when they're ready - and you'll find out why.


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