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Once upon a time, there was an underground fleapit in Cambridge called the Q Club, and a wonderful bunch of people called the Rocksoc. It was here that said wonderful people held an approximately-fortnightly club night, Wake Up Screaming - the only one of its kind in Cambridge, otherwise desperately starved of such activities in a way that larger cities are not. The equivalent goth night, The Calling, had a small and regular selection of paid DJs; Wake Up Screaming took a different approach where anyone who was a paid member of the Rocksoc could volunteer to be a DJ for an hour a night, or there abouts.

In my younger and less informed days - I left Cambridge in 2002, after all - I jumped at the chance to inflict my dubious tastes in what Metal Hammer told me I should be listening to at the time, and what I'd just unearthed at, onto an unsuspecting crowd.

Even after I left Cambridge I would, for the next six years, return occasionally to provide the opening hour's epic heathen wartunes, this time at Wake Up Screaming's new home at the Kambar. Nottingham Rocksoc's Piracy night, a gathering upstairs at Ye Olde Salutation Inn, would introduce a similar DJ policy so they were treated to my expertise a couple of times as well.

For reasons I have mentioned in The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast's Mission Statement, I have not been back to DJ since 2008, but Wake Up Screaming nevertheless continues - back in its spiritual home at the Q Club.

And remember, as it is with the Ancient Reviews, the further back in time we go, the less likely it is that the set will be reflective of me as I am now - though some things haven't changed...

25.11.2008 WUS #13
22.07.2008 WUS #12
29.04.2008 WUS #11
06.11.2007 Piracy #2
05.06.2007 Piracy #1
19.04.2005 WUS #10
29.06.2004 WUS #9
30.12.2003 WUS #8
12.08.2003 WUS #7
02.07.2002 WUS #6
23.04.2002 WUS #5
06.11.2001 WUS #4
01.08.2000 WUS #3
09.05.2000 WUS #2
07.12.1999 WUS #1