The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



26th August, 1995, was a day that changed me forever - it allowed me not just to forget (temporarily) that my mum had been dead for a mere 16 days, but also to get my first taste of live metal, with the bands actually there, playing in front of me. I never looked back from that day - and the 60th edition of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast in September 2015 was created to celebrate a full two decades of gigs.

As I've been keeping a meticulous record for all that time of well over 300 live shows, it made particularly good sense to move this part of my old websites under the Hammer Of Retribution banner, a testament to the number of times I've put my money where my mouth is - and I don't intend to stop any time soon.

All of these pages contain a link to a scan of each gig ticket, or at least a flyer of some sort related to the gig, if at all possible.
If I missed the band concerned, or if I did witness anything up to an entire set but did my damndest to pretend they weren't there (e.g. Heaven Shall Burn at Wacken 2011, Nasum at Hellfest 2012) the name is given in grey.

There may also be a review - either in the ancient reviews archive (2001-03) or externally hosted on Livejournal (2004-present). Anything that qualifies as a festival is almost certain to be reviewed, extensively - but the further back in time any review is, festival or otherwise, the less reflective it is likely to be of my current views.

Finally, if the band name is given in bold red text, I was actually part of the band playing!