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Screenshots: 52Timespan: September 2014 - January 2015Version: 1.8

This final update deals (mostly) with a very short period - from the time 1.8 landed on 2nd September 2014, to the last time I looked at the world on 23rd October. Still with tons to do, including absolutely everything I planned to do with the new igneous rocks, I switched to Sinclair's Foundry for a new challenge, and then the much-explained problems on Formula One Rejects kicked off - Rejectland was left with tumbleweeds blowing through it.

In that short time, though, I did manage to get one really major project done that involved the features added in 1.8, as well as a couple of other large jobs that should have led a lot further than they ever did. As I write this, 1.8.2-pre3 has just been released with no set date for the final version of 1.8.2; the first of the 1.9 snapshots will be coming out soon (which I'd feared Microsoft would put the kybosh on), but Rejectland will see none of these.

It is going to be a bit of a wrench to leave all this behind knowing that there was so much more I could have done, but the chances are I'll do it in Sinclair's Foundry instead - that's where the exciting stuff is now.


Lunger Valley was next on the list for regeneration, but it never happened - and Perry Grove and Wilson House were deliberately left out of that project, being weird experiments that never quite worked in the first place that date all the way back to... probably the original builds in 1.2.

There was one village that didn't need regeneration - because I'd discovered it in 1.8 and the new breed of villagers were all there and intact. Actually, I'd found it in a 1.8 snapshot, using a copy of this map that I could use to scout out new areas for future projects, and it was months before the full 1.8 dropped and I could actually go out there and find it in the real version of Rejectland.


Savanna villages had generated since the biome was introduced in 1.7, but after testing the 1.8 snapshots I'd decided to leave it until this point to unleash the full extent of the project. There was a comment somewhere - probably the Minecraft forums - that asked why the Savanna villages were still generated using oak wood rather than the acacia that grew in this biome. The question was never answered... but wondering what it would look like, I thought I'd find a Savanna village and transform it accordingly to match its surroundings...

That rabbit hutch there must have been something to do with the appearance of a Potion of Leaping at McGregor. Wasn't it?

As it turned out, I found four white rabbits - there are many varieties - in the lands just to the west of Cape Zaugg. They were bred in the hutch until there were enough of them to survive a trip through the Nether. And then they were led through the pigmen and the ghasts with the promise of more carrots than they could imagine. Two survived... that was all I needed.


And now the big one. This is the project which, if any, turned me over to the dark side of machinery and into Sinclair's Foundry. The new prismarine blocks are only found in Ocean Monuments that generate in Deep Ocean biomes generated in 1.8, hence their supply is sorely limited, and they're guarded by (what else) guardians - nasty, spiky one-eyed fish with a vicious temper, a long-range laser (seriously!) and a tendency to zap anything in their range. They deal a lot of damage, they're also fast and hard to kill by anyone or anything that's designed to live on land. But they drop prismarine shards when they die, and those can be used to build the prismarine blocks with... so it's time to build an automatic farm. Water breathing potions, night vision potions, a full set of diamond armour enchanted with Protection IV and Unbreaking III can be considered essential, and so is Depth Strider III on the boots. Defence against the onslaught of lasers will be the key to success!

After some extensive surveys of what YouTubers had done, the compact design of sZPeddy (another German engineer!) was the one I chose to build - it didn't involve anywhere near as much water clearance as the others, which is an exceptionally tedious job without the sponge found inside these monuments - but would produce enough prismarine shards and crystals to make a healthy supply of the new blocks.

I chose to destroy as little of the monument as possible, though - sZPeddy's design gets rid of the whole thing, I integrated the spawn tank into the rest of the structure. I also didn't clear out all the water around the tank like he did - it impacts the efficiency of the farm, but what I've done is more than enough for single player survival.


And that is, as they say, it.

Or is it?

There's one thing left to do, I reckon.


From here, Sinclair's Foundry will take centre stage. And, after 34 and a bit years, including over 20 of those in quiet retirement in Eastern Europe, it's hard to see how the world of Sinclair computers and the community that surrounds it will be departing any time soon to force Sinclair's Foundry to go the same way as Rejectland.

I'll never say never. Enoch Law may have decided to depart Formula One Rejects, but he can't make a complete and total break from the world of our favourite motorsport. He has four living, breathing and screaming reminders of his fifteen years spent cataloguing the fates and misfortunes of the wrong end of the F1 grid. And the forum continues unabated with the promise that the content of the website will return in some form, someday, probably with an extensive rehash from the latest team of webmasters, and moved away from the pit of despair that is Crosswinds. So, maybe, just maybe, Rejectland will return one day.

But today is not that day, and for now, that's your lot.