The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



There was a noticeable change in the screenshots between Postcards From Rejectland parts three and four. What was this new and different font, and where did the pickaxe go?

Version 1.6 brought with it the expansion of texture packs into resource packs, allowing much more about the game to be customised without the potential pain and world-corrupting possibilities of adding mods. And I wondered if I could use one of these to change some of the aspects of Minecraft I didn't much care for - the ugly default font, the drifty-floaty background music that fits better in an episode of In The Night Garden. My experiments worked, the pack was first publicly released for version 1.7, and over the next few versions the pack was steadily updated to keep track of the additions (usually involving anything coloured light green) and revert some of Mojang's changes to what I preferred from before.

Version 1.12 MkIII is the resource pack that matches Minecraft In The Arctic, and will do so until the end of time with the abolition of the Customised world in 1.13. Version 1.13, which matches Sinclair's Foundry and any future worlds, will be released... when I can get the new .json language settings to work.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the language is set to the little-used English (New Zealand) to see the changes in the text.

Download the current versions:

Hammer Of Retribution Resource Pack 1.12 MkIII - for Minecraft In The Arctic

Hammer Of Retribution Resource Pack 1.13 - for Sinclair's Foundry




All these changes, bar the ancient oak button and pressure plate that were added in 1.13, have been retrospectively applied to the 1.12 MkIII version of the resource pack (1.12 MkII was merely the change from UK to NZ English). The red and brown mushrooms, and their respective mushroom blocks, were officially renamed with their colours in the 1.13 snapshots, with the mushroom stem also given a separate name. This was also supposed to be applied to the 1.12 resource pack, but there was no provision for doing this in the language file, the solitary line designated as "Mushroom" can be changed but it will apply the changes to both mushrooms, and all three block types.


The overwhelming reason for issuing this as the Hammer Of Retribution Resource Pack needs a bit of further explanation. I've replaced the regular music discs with something far more suited to the name, and also found a way to rename the discs in-game since the 1.8 update of the resource pack - in the 1.7 version, what they sounded like conflicted horribly with the titles, which were still those of C413's drifty-floaty electronica. I will reveal the tracks involved... but to prevent any spoilers for anyone out there who'd rather get hold of the discs in-game to discover what they are that way, I've blackened out the titles.

Also, with the launch of the 1.10 version of the resource pack, so little had changed since 1.8 that I thought I'd revamp the entire musical package, including some of the finest epic heathen metal of 2015 and 2016 amongst some other, older tracks.

Highlight the titles with the mouse to see which disc contains which track.