The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



Project coordinates: X +331 : Y +90 : Z +71
Date completed: 4 February 2015
Minecraft day completed: 2386

On top of the hill next to where the Sinclair Research hut sits, there was a villager holding pen which was demolished when Open Forum and its villager breeder were built. This entire world, as I've mentioned before, is intended to mechanise and automate as much as possible - and the essential purpose of this in conjunction with Open Forum is to turn mundane excess goods - crops, paper, horrible zombie flesh, iron and the like - into emeralds. Now, while I could stash them all away in a bank vault the way I did previously in Rejectland, this time I've got rather bigger plans. Emeralds can be usefully traded for specific enchanted books, some of which are very expensive - that's why I've got so many librarians permanently housed. But they can also be turned into emerald blocks and built with...

...what if I did that?

This is something I was originally considering for this world. I was going to call it "The Emerald Castle" and... do exactly what it says on the tin, build a castle out of emerald blocks, legitimately, in Survival. That's a crazily excessive project... but I realised, with all the resources I'd already built up via the Heavy On The Magick witch farm, the gold-producing part of Sinclair's Foundry and a lot of mining (especially in the block under the witch farm!), I could build a tower involving four mineral blocks arranged in a spiral upwards - creating the four-coloured stripe seen on the original ZX Spectrum. Of course, there was no way on this earth (or in the Minecraft world) that I was going to achieve that light blue with diamond blocks - diamonds are very rare and I need them for making tools with - but I did have plenty of lapis lazuli, which can drop something like 16 pieces when one ore block is mined with a Fortune III hammer.

With the witch farm complete, I counted my resources and found I already had enough redstone, gold and lapis lazuli blocks to get going! Emeralds were all I was short of, as well as wool for decoration, but that problem was tackled in the next project, which may have been completed earlier but was started later, hence Spectrum Tower was given the lower project number.

And this is also the first proper project where I've shown its construction rather than just the finished product!

There are three later screenshots from the cleanup of the first four floors: see Project 21: Colonel Harland J. Seymour's Battery Hen Battery.

For the later repurpose and redecoration: see Project 49: Jetpac Launcher and the Rings Of Wrath.