The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



End portal coordinates: X +695 : Y +16 : Z +47
Return portal coordinates: EX +24 : EY +65 : EZ +12
Date completed: 26 February 2015
Minecraft day completed: 2649

Having neatly disposed of the Ender Dragon in Rejectland sometime after putting the world out to pasture, I found myself having to do the same in Sinclair's Foundry... rather sooner. For the End is full of one unique resource... well, not exactly full as such, but it's there. And I needed it.

This project was conducted right in the middle of doing something... rather larger.

...whereupon, on appearing on the spawn platform in the End, the dragon appeared and flung me off it, into the void, barely three seconds after I'd entered. I hadn't even had a chance to build a bridge across to the main island! There were many, many naughty words as some highly enchanted iron armour (I wasn't going to waste 24 diamonds in case this happened) and a Power V bow were hurled into oblivion. Not once... twice.

But I did eventually make it to the island, and I was angry. Here comes revenge, you horrible purple reptile with unnaturally chunky back legs.