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Project coordinates: X +160 : Y +66 : Z +131
Date completed: 10 March 2015
Minecraft day completed: 2776

It's no good having a cow farm without also having a generous supply of wheat to feed them with. Fortunately, in 1.8, villagers harvest crops by themselves, and can be enslaved to do our bidding for us without complaint... as long as they're wearing the brown robes of a farmer. Finally, I've got round doing exactly that!

After much research and testing in a Creative world, I concluded that wheat absolutely cannot be automatically farmed the same way as potatoes and carrots, when I was hoping to have three identical buildings for it. Automatic wheat farming also takes a lot of iron. And I do mean a lot. But, that's not going to worry me, is it?

This farm has been updated: see Project 38: Furrmurr Seymour's Wheat & Beets.

Typical production rate per hour: 158 wheat, 80 seeds