The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



Project coordinates: X +46 : Y +184 : Z +7
Date completed: 21 October 2014
Minecraft day completed: approx. 650

This was first project "in the wild" to be completed, though most of the build time at this point was going towards the eponymous Sinclair's Foundry with this as a side project. This is DiehlGames' Efficient Mob/XP farm; it had the advantage of being designed to be an XP farm, in that it drops the mobs just so far that they don't die but will then do so with one punch. The design dates from before hoppers were in the game - and also before witches spawned outside their huts... they do tend to scupper the XP-ness of the farm by causing the other mobs to fight with each other so they don't build up in large numbers. However, this does mean that skeletons shoot creepers and so they drop music discs - so not only do I have a full set, I've got two double chests full of them!

The design didn't work as well as DiehlGames said, mind - mobs were produced slowly, or dropped down the tube slowly, it was one or the other. So as soon as I'd found a zombie spawner, that became the new XP farm (which you've already seen). I think the problem was that mobs spawned where they were supposed to but I had to stand too far away from them, so they froze where they stood instead of wandering into the drop chute in the middle.

In fact, this passive mob farm was never even assigned a name, or decorated in any way, and was soon decommissioned in favour of an active design when I had the extra resources to build it. I never even bothered measuring a production rate for it.

THIS FARM HAS BEEN DEMOLISHED: see Project 55: Healing The Sick And Burying The Dead.

This is by far the least successful of all the builds in this world, and I have even considered it for demolition. Maybe one day all that TNT I have stockpiled from the next mob farm will come in very useful...