The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



Project coordinates: X +175 : Y +60 : Z +181
Date completed: 30 August 2015
Minecraft day completed: 3627

Only sugar cane to go now, and that'll be all the tradeables I can get my hands on - until that's done, I can at least be satisfied that I'll be trading with farmers for a very long time to come. Now onto a different project, which some may not consider worth doing, but I ask you anyway... what comes after "badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger"...? Surely you all know, but in case anyone has the memory of a goldfish...


Mushroom growth is so painfully slow that any attempt to build up a decent supply will require a huge amount of spawning space and a detailed knowledge of how they grow. And, when I built the old Mushroom Tunnel in Rejectland, it barely worked and I had no idea why. It's because there's a maximum of five red and five brown mushrooms in any given 9×9 area, and if there are more than that, they don't grow (though this seems not to apply in the Nether). I had a design I'd tested that involved two nine-block long strips of mycelium with eight blocks between them, for a total area of 9×10 and hence one would not interfere with the other. Plant three red and two brown on one strip, two red and three brown on the other, and separate them with slabs. Then, on the next level, put three red and two brown on top of where there were two red and three brown... and so on. The mushrooms are allowed to grow onto another strip of mycelium which is occasionally pulled away by sticky pistons - which drops the mushrooms into hoppers below. I found it produced about 25 mushrooms per hour, when there are 100 in the machine (50 of each type) to start with - see, I said they grew slowly...

But I looked on YouTube anyway to see what others had come up with, and found Drakkart's mushroom farm, which harvests the mushrooms from a 23-block area with a short burst of water, and with the seed mushrooms in the middle of the growing pads. As it is in the video, his farm is ridiculously slow - but in a test world I scaled it up to the same area that my piston-pulling design was built in, with 40 growing pads compared to his original three, and hence 40 seed mushrooms (again, 20 of each type, alternating colours each time) and found this version produced 38 mushrooms per hour. It still doesn't sound like much, but think of it as almost four times the rate of my original design relative to the number of seed mushrooms - or as a 52% increase per unit time for not much more extra floor area.

What we have now is the final production of the prototype derived from Drakkart's mechanism.

This farm has been updated: see Project 39: Video Nasty's Double Fungal Trouble.

Typical production rate: 24 red and 24 brown mushrooms per hour; harvest occurs every 51.2 minutes.