The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



Project coordinates: X +175 : Y +60 : Z +181
Date completed: 15 June 2016
Minecraft day completed: 5254

Well, that was certainly a surprise. Having just tested the first snapshot for 1.10 the same way I did with 1.9 when it was first released, I never thought the final version would be released so quickly. There were only three snapshots and two pre-releases - then, on 8th June, it dropped. My prediction that it would be called the "Ice and Fire Update" wasn't too far off, either...

One of the changes that 1.10 brought was the addition of Endermen to the Nether, giving them the ability to pick up netherrack. And this put one of my existing builds at risk - Video Nasty's Shrooms of Doom, built in a giant mushroom with a netherrack cap. Fortunately, 1.10 had also added two seemingly useless blocks - the nether wart block and red nether brick, both of which could have made an adequate replacement for the netherrack. Having just built a giant beetroot out of regular dark nether brick, I figured I'd go with the nether wart blocks. Which would mean nine nether wart per block, rather than two (and smelting the netherrack removed from the existing build plus an equivalent amount more) - so I'd need a nether wart farm, because there's no way the six blocks in the brewing lab would be able to cope!

Plus, this solved a problem I'd had before. "I might use the interior of the cap for something someday..." and what better use could there be than to house the nether wart farm in here? I've always considered it to be some kind of fungus (because it's certainly not a plant), even if it doesn't originate in the Overworld. And so we have Double Fungal Trouble!

Typical production rate: 782 nether wart per harvest, after replanting.