The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



Project coordinates: X +297 : Y +63 : Z +63
Date completed: 6 October 2015
Minecraft day completed: 3718

Sinclair's Foundry has rapidly become Sinclair's Abbatoir over the course of some recent projects, with cows, pigs and sheep all meeting an automated splattery death every time the "mothers" are fed, chickens being churned out by themselves with no maintenance required, and all four varieties of fish available on some kind of automated process, even if it is rather slow. (A ready supply of more herring than I can ever hope to do anything with is coming in the not too distant future, though.) But there's one animal still left to be farmed for an extra supply of meat...

Yes, they're cute, they're fluffy, and Bishop Brennan is absolutely terrified of them, they started nibbling at his cassock, and... they are, of course, rabbits, the last of the animals to be added to the game so far, in 1.8. With this world created in 1.8 there's been a ready supply of them, in all colours, that I found by wandering not too far from my initial location - indeed, I kept a supply of rabbits in the very early days as there were more of them around than cows and they were useful for their hides. Ultimately they've become the least useful of the animals now - who needs rabbit hide when I have the cow farm to make leather, rabbit meat isn't tradeable and rabbit stew is worth less than the sum of its parts, and I probably have enough rabbit's feet to make more Potions of Leaping than I will ever need. But the principle of this world is, if it can be automated, it should be. Never mind that this is automatic in the loosest sense of the world - rabbits need to be bred manually and killed manually if their most useful drop is to be harvested - we're going to do it anyway.