The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



Project coordinates: X +294 : Y +65 : Z -13
Date completed: 6 January 2015
Minecraft day completed: approx. 2100

The XP farm in the base and now also the gold farm have left one question open... where does all that rotten zombie flesh go? It was starting to pile up at this point and I had to find something to do with it. This is where the ruined village comes in, as well as why it's ruined.

Rather than just build a wall round the existing village, light it up and hope for a population explosion, here I've gone for a more controlled method of bringing in the villagers. To nobody's surprise, it's another one of Data's machines - I do watch his Let's Play series avidly, after all - and his villager trading hall is one of the very best designs I know of. What he did in that series is link up an infinite villager breeder to the trading cells that are far enough away that the breeder doesn't count the villagers in the cells as part of its own village. 1.8 brought a whole raft of new and useful trades... but also trounced the breeding patterns so that villagers either have to be traded with to make them "willing to breed", or they have to be fed... and that makes farmers very useful. They can pull up and replant crops, and become "willing" that way, and then throw their crops at other types of villager who then also become "willing". And, as if by magic - ting! - a half-size villager appears.

And so we diverged. Data has decided to get round the breeding problem by making the zombie villager purifying station that is fed by a zombie spawner, and allows instant murder of regular zombies, constrained purification of zombie villagers, followed by sending them off automatically to the trading hall. I didn't need a purifier - there's a workaround whereby infinite breeders can be adapted so the villagers are housed in small carrot farms, so that's what I've done.

Also, if anyone's wondering about the time anomaly with the project number, I had this designated as project 4 when the structure was complete with the breeder feeding its first villagers in, which was day 1019 towards the end of October 2014. But I wasn't going to consider it finished as such until I'd obtained all the permanent villagers with the best trades I wanted - which even now, at day 4300, I don't have - some of the combinations I'm looking for are painfully hard to obtain, and I declared the build officially "finished" on 6th January 2015, not recording what Minecraft day it was...

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