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Project coordinates: X +280 : Y +6 : Z +247
Date completed: 15 November 2014
Minecraft day completed: 1405

Slime farms are a near-essential addition to any world based around big machines, mainly for sticky pistons and slime blocks that allow movement of multiple blocks. Initially, when I only needed a few slime balls, I found a nearby swamp, dug a tunnel to it via the Nether hub and went murdering with a Looting III sword, usually collecting about 80 slime balls in one night. Identifying a slime chunk, though, makes it so much easier - and if there's one in the spawn chunks so it's permanently loaded, so much the better.

Back when I was making the prototype Foundry the only slime reducer I knew of was xisumavoid's work of genius involving lava, soul sand and iron bars. However, by the time I started this world, my favourite Australian had already moved onto cactus slime reducers instead. When 1.8 dropped, I'd heard horrible reports about the way slimes could now swim and change direction, so would this idea still work... could all the slimes be directed into one area? I cared little when I found a video I've long since lost that surrounded the entire slime chunk with cactus! That needs a huge number of hoppers, but that's little worry to me...

This facility has been updated: see Project 41: Nether Earth Skull Fields.

Typical production rate, standing within range of the slime chunk: 65 slime balls per hour