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Screenshots: 14Timespan: 19 May 2016Version: 16w20a

Would you believe it. Barely had I started the projects on Sinclair's Foundry in 1.9 than the first snapshot for 1.10 was released! And to think that we'd waited so, so long for that first 1.9 snapshot after the release of 1.8 - ten and a half months, not forgetting how long the snapshots took before the final version was ready. I'd seen pictures that internet celebrities such as xisumavoid and Logdotzip had been commenting on, which had come directly from Jeb's Twitter account, but never thought it would be a mere two and a half months form the launch of 1.9 to the first 1.10 snapshot.

I still doubt that the final update will be just around the corner, though, and there will be plenty to do in Sinclair's Foundry in the 1.9 cycle. But, for now, why not take a look what this next version has to offer? I loaded up an all-new world - Survival, of course! - and here's what I found while trying to make a new living... however briefly.

Seeing what's in it, I think they should call it the "Ice And Fire Update"... or maybe even the "Game Of Thrones Update". Heh!

This is as far as my investigations went - I did look around other biomes for new villages, but the only one I could find in a single-biome world was when trying the Roofed Forest. These worlds generate with Plains biomes, otherwise there would be a complete and impenetrable canopy of leaves over the entire world, and it made a village with regular oak that cut in an ugly fashion through the Roofed Forest, and had clearly generated from the Plains, so I've discounted it as being anything new. I suppose looking in Superflat worlds with changed biomes might do the trick - but even so, this is just a first snapshot and plenty will change between now and the final release of 1.10.