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Screenshots: 68 Timespan: 14 - 17 January 2017
& 1 January - 25 February 2018

At the end of Year One, I had a villager breeder that wasn't working terribly well, three huts with two residents that were both cartographers, and a couple of incomplete storage warehouses. There was also the inconvenient problem on the side that I'd marked out the spawn chunks incorrectly.

That immediate problem was solved, and what lay ahead was the pressing need to get the villagers breeding properly and start a thriving population who would be useful to obtain the remaining seven Sacred Quest Items.



I'd left Minecraft in the Arctic as it was above on 17th January 2017, barely three real-time days after starting the second year in that world; I'd intended to return to Sinclair's Foundry immediately and work on that until another convenient break came in that world. And then, though I said it before in Sinclair's Foundry Project 50, it bears repeating here: things went wrong. My eight-year-old Mac required an OS upgrade from 10.6 to 10.8 in order to run the version of Java needed to access version 1.12, the new launcher still won't work on this OS, and real life made some fairly dramatic interventions - in the form of political turmoil as well as the near-total destruction of what used to be my social circle in its wake. All this conspired to see me take a six-month lay-off from Minecraft... and it could have been a lot worse.

That break was between early May and late November 2017, in which time Minecraft in the Arctic lay dormant. But, with Sinclair's Foundry finally brought to its 20-year mark, now comes the right time for another break from that world while I gain a few more project ideas, and get back into the freezer!

With the village now properly underway - albeit with plenty more in the pipeline when it's time to expand - I thought I'd have a wander through this cold, desolate land. Why? As I pointed out in the introduction, there's something I can find out there that only occurs in igloos - a piece of cactus in a flower pot. The plan was to reveal one of the most heavily zoomed-out maps, but once I'd made the first one and found that my home base was right in the corner of one of them, I switched to the "classic" zoom level 3 maps and revealed four of those instead, so the home base and the village would be right at the centre - with, hopefully, the entrance to The End on the northwest of those four maps. It was just on there, as it turned out...