The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



Project coordinates: EX +1254 : EY +60 : EZ -228
Date completed: 26 November 2017
Minecraft day completed: 6984

Things went wrong. My eight-year-old Mac required an OS upgrade from 10.6 to 10.8 in order to run the version of Java needed to access version 1.12, the new launcher still won't work on this OS, and real life made some fairly dramatic interventions - in the form of political turmoil as well as the near-total destruction of what used to be my social circle in its wake.

All this conspired to see me take a six-month lay-off from Minecraft... and it could have been a lot worse.

There's also this Rather Large Project that I'd been saving up for the future which has been cryptically mentioned on previous pages, which I'd intended both to be project 50 and finished in time to celebrate 20 Minecraft years of Sinclair's Foundry, i.e. day 7305. Its initial construction started as far back as January 2017, round about day 6350, still in version 1.11.2 and with projects 48 and 49 yet to be built; project 49 was completed on day 6589, but once the massive amount of preparation work for the giant project had taken the calendar beyond day 6800 with the end still nowhere in sight, I realised it couldn't be completed by day 7305, and not knowing how to solve that problem helped to cause the six-month break.

However, towards the end of those six months, I had an idea of what would make a suitable project 50, so that the future giant mega-project could eventually have an un-numbered page, like the previous mega-project that was the Awesome ZX80 Base - and it will be to mark 10,000 days of this world.

So as for what will see us out of the second decade of this world, it's time to branch out into one of its furthest corners...



Colony map by Einar Saukas - hosted by Pavel Plíva at - click to enlarge for the required detail

The plan is to build a replica of the Colony in the dimension that most closely resembles an alien world: The End. It even has a yellow(ish) ground to match what is seen in this game, and some alien plants that (from some angles) look like forked cacti. The colony itself looks to be built out of giant Lego bricks in three colours; The End has its own variants, albeit in only two colours. And while mushrooms don't grow from seeds (even considering the weird Minecraft logic that sees apples fall from oak trees), we do at least have small mushrooms, a substrate to plant them on, and suitable substitutes for everything else in the Colony. The final product will look slightly different as it will be impossible to view it in the distorted oblique projection of the original game, but the layout will be an exact copy.


I'd done a bit of planning on this project beforehand to make sure it was finished quickly, i.e. before day 7305. In the end it was quick enough to be done before day 7000. So there should be time to fit in quite a few more projects alongside that Rather Large Project before the day count clicks round to five digits... enjoy the ride.