The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



Project coordinates: X -90 : Y +63 : Z -206
Date completed: 3 November 2018
Minecraft day completed: 8580

Minecraft 1.13 brought a variety of aquatic additions, as we all know - kelp, sea grass, sea pickles, coral, nautilus shells, and the trident-wielding drowned zombies. All of these can be farmed, and that's what Subacuatic Acuarium is for. Or, at least, two projects under the Subacuatic banner will account for them all, even if nautilus shells are easier to obtain with an AFK fish farm that I can build absolutely anywhere in under five minutes.

Originally, at least in the vision I had in my head, Subacuatic Acuarium would be a huge underwater (and probably underground, beneath the sea bed) facility to produce tridents and nautilus shells (along with a whole heap of other junk) by drowning zombies produced by a spawner in a dungeon, while there were separate smaller facilities to grow and automatically harvest kelp, and to produce sea grass and sea pickles using dispensed bone meal. Coral was added to the list once its ability to grow via bone meal was added in a later snapshot, but unfortunately the zombie spawner design had to be canned when drowning land-based zombies no longer saw them magically generate tridents in their hands.

Fortunately, ilmango came to the rescue with a facility to attract drowned zombies from the sea bed - trident-chuckers and all - and hoover them up a long shaft to a collection area high in the sky. It would be the only safe way to produce a large number of tridents... and I could even decorate the shaft to look like one. However, it would be fat better to build this in an existing ocean not generated in 1.13 - because they wouldn't be full of new and interesting aquatic features that all needed to be cleared, or magma shafts that would pull all the drowned zombies down a crevice from which there was no escape. So, rather than build the whole facility in a new Warm Ocean biome that would need to be stripped of all its kelp and coral, I thought I'd build the trident farm close to home, with the automatic kelp farm inside it - then, the rest could be built in an outpost in the Warm Ocean, where there might also be a turtle beach nearby.

Typical production rate per hour, when in trident farm: 1 - 2 fishing rods, 1 - 2 tridents,
6 nautilus shells, 16 gold ingots, 494 zombie flesh, 144 kelp




So, as I've said multiple times in this build, there has to be another facility somewhere out in the Warm Ocean. This will be Subacuatic Outpost, where I'll be able to grow sea pickles, sea grass and coral, and breed turtles. Then, alongside the venerable old 128K Guardian Farm and the rebuilt squid farm I'll have farmable access to every one of the renewable aquatic... I mean, acuatic items. It's just sponge and coral blocks that will remain non-renewable, but who knows if that will change?