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Project coordinates: X -2390 : Y +72 : Z +658
Date completed: 10 October 2018
Minecraft day completed: 8439

The original squid tank, built back in the days of the Sinclair Research hut (and which morphed into the Zipkrowd-inspired Schwimmbad once the base was built, is dead. Ned's Oasis, the "proper" squid farm, is dead. 1.13.1 was the update that did for both, as only rivers, beaches and oceans would ever see a squid spawn from now on. Unlike the recent rebuilds of Rentakill Rita's Lovely Melons and Xarq: The Vegetable Trenches, the existing location was no good. There was only one thing for it; find a suitable stretch of river, and turn that into a new squid farm.

As is the case with these version 1.13 projects, they're taking a long time because there's something else going on in the background... this wasn't a short project by any means, but it didn't take 200 days by itself!

Typical production rate: 396 ink sacs, 627 salmon, 30 bone meal per hour


ZX Spectrum screenshots: Ned's Garden (1985)
Watch this game completed by ME! Yes, ME! via the RZX Archive.

Some ZX Spectrum games were huge, given the limitations of the 48K model. Ned's Garden, as I've previously pointed out in Project 35, wasn't. What you see above, rather than one screenshot, is the entire game. Ned's Oasis was vaguely based on a single screen, but given that the squid tanks in this project are considerably less visible, there was no point in decorating the inside walls - so instead, I'll be using all nine screens of Ned's Garden for a job that Alan Titchmarsh would be proud of. I'm going to recreate the entire playing area out the back of the control hut. Not everything will be exactly as it seems, mind...

To recap (and for those who are too lazy to visit the Project 35 link), in the game, Ned must tidy his garden, picking up three items at a time and taking them to the shed in the Rose Garden, then find the shed key that he dropped somewhere (which always seems to be in the Shrubbery). Despite the small size of the game, it's quite hard as the snakes in the Arboretum and the witches in the Rockery can move diagonally (Ned can't), the snails in the Flower Garden and the hedgehogs in the Kitchen Garden move at random, and those birds in the Herb Garden will make a beeline for Ned (even into the slots along the top and bottom edges which aren't safe). On top of all this you've got to contend with somewhat sticky keyboard controls - everything moves one character square at a time, and though Ned moves quite fast he'll often overshoot a junction that means he gets hit by a monster instead of turning away into a safe zone. Every time you lose a life, Ned will be returned to the Rose Garden and the Spectrum will beep out its unskippable rendition of English Country Garden once more, which will drive you up the wall.