The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



Project coordinates: X -1985 : Y +63 : Z -2526
Date completed: 16 November 2018
Minecraft day completed: 8812

It would have been preferable to have had a single production facility for all the new farmable aquatic additions to the game, as I'd originally planned, but in the end, I had to go with two. Subacuatic Acuarium, close to the base and in an area of bare-floored ocean, has already produced two tridents (and as many more as I will ever need, albeit very slowly) and a large amount of kelp.

So I still needed to produce sea grass, sea pickles and scutes, and even in the snapshots, all the usual suspects on YouTube had started making their own farm designs. Scutes could only be produced in Beach biomes, seeing as they are a byproduct of breeding turtles, but the others could be farmed anywhere. However, 1.13.1 threw up an interesting addition - the ability to grow coral as well as sea grass by scattering bone meal on the ground in a Warm Ocean biome. Clearly, it would be an advantage to build any sea grass farm in the Warm Ocean - the downside was, building a trident farm in the same place would mean clearing all the vegetation and the coral reefs from the ocean floor. I am no environmentalist, but coral reefs are rare enough that this was not acceptable, and swung the decision to build Subacuatic Acuarium in the nearby 1.8-generated ocean, with this Subacuatic Outpost in a newly-generated Warm Ocean much further away.

An Australian YouTuber who I hadn't previously heard of, stormfrenzy, provided the designs for both the sea pickle and sea grass farms - the latter of which, if built in a Warm Ocean biome, allows the production of all the types of coral and coral fans as well as sea grass; they just have to be harvested differently. I'd been planning to build xisumavoid's sea pickle farm originally, which would fit neatly into the space under sea level at Subacuatic Acuarium, but found stormfrenzy's to be far more efficient in a test world - not to mention that it's automatic, fill it up with bone meal and no further player input is required.

Another YouTuber who's rocketing up the rankings in recent times with some phenomenal redstonery is Rays Works - and of all the potential semi-automatic turtle farms I found, his was the one I opted for... mainly. I tested it in a much-expanded form with 40 turtles instead of only six, and found it consumed sea grass at a rapid rate for little return, because it'd feed it to any turtle that wasn't full of eggs, and for the most part, two of them weren't next to each other at the same time. I've found a use for his design, though maybe not the way he intended...

Typical production rates:
Sea grass (harvested with unenchanted shears): 232 pieces in 30 seconds, at a cost of 20 bone meal
Sea grass (harvested with Unbreaking III shears): 924 pieces in 125 seconds, at a cost of 70 bone meal
Coral (harvested with Silk Touch spade): 81 pieces per minute, at a cost of 32 bone meal
Sea pickles (automatic): 136 pickles per minute, at a cost of 27 bone meal