The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



Project coordinates: X +4902 : Y +68 : Z -547
Date completed: 4 December 2018
Minecraft day completed: 8951

Three and a half years is an awfully long time to leave a small project hanging on that is intended to be built into something bigger later, but that's how it's happened. Project 15: The Cats and the Jungle saw me discover a jungle island almost 5 km to the east of the base and build a hut on it, just to stay in while I scoured the island for ocelots to tame into cats. "The hut is - and eventually, the entire island will be - an elaborate reference to Treasure Island Dizzy", I said. This was June 2015. And ever since then, the island lay dormant as there were always more exciting and/or necessary projects to work on.

During the downtime between 1.12 and 1.13, though, I thought of something I could do with the Snoggles' Treehouse Complex, were I to build it. I'd assemble as many Minecraft equivalents of the items from the seven games in the main Dizzy series as I could - improvising very heavily in some cases - and make the complex into a shrine to the games which had given me so much enjoyment in my younger days when - unlike the much-revered Miner Willy games - they were actually forgiving in some way, and though I could never have hoped to complete any of them at the time, I could at least achieve something that made me think it had been worth spending my meagre pocket money.

Axe in hand, a visit to Hop 'n' Chop's Treemendous Timber Yard later, I had a chest full of jungle wood to build with, and I was going to need a lot of it... as I would also need a lot of hay bales, so I'd held off trading all my wheat supplies away.


Treasure Island Dizzy map by "T2" - hosted by Pavel Plíva at - click to enlarge for the required detail

This is a section of the complete map which we're focusing on - the Snoggles' Treehouse Complex, in which Dizzy can collect the essential snorkel, a video camera which is one of the valuables that'll be needed to trade with the shopkeeper on the second island, a glass sword and a detonator which will allow access to two more of those valuables, a Sinclair Abuser magazine which was supposedly a prank for a bad review, and 11 of the game's 30 coins (six of which are hidden behind mundane objects). One of the falling cage traps is visible, but new players will inevitably blunder into the other two on a first attempt as they're hidden off screen.