The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



Project coordinates: X +776 : Y +66 : Z -1229
Date completed: 23 January 2016
Minecraft day completed: 4563

A few quick calculations after the Open Forum expansion project showed me the very best way to trade paper was to add leather, feathers and ink and turn the paper into written books - even if they were all copies of one original. With the means to produce a large amount of paper and feathers automatically and leather semi-automatically, I should at this stage have had a reliable source of ink via the squid tank I'd initially built right at the beginning of the world but had to remove when the front entrance to the base was reworked, and the new Schwimmbad barely worked at all. Even taking off the glass and fencing off the open pool didn't cause any more squids to spawn in the tank, and if they did, my allegedly-brilliant plan to cause them to drop through the tank via alternating water and empty space (held open with signs)... didn't, they swam through the diagonals where the water strips met.

So I needed a quick and simple squid farm. And one of the best out there, JL2579's design built in the 1.5 snapshots as a way of showing what hoppers would be capable of, has never worked quite so well in 1.8 because of the squid's ability to swim against the downdraft that JL's farm relied on. First of all, I was fortunate to be reasonably near to a desert, and via AMIDST, found a spot where I was at least 144 blocks away from any rivers or oceans, pretty much removing the need for any serious removal of water in the surrounding area (I found a few streams in a cave underneath, and even those were capable of producing a few ink sacs every minute!) And I had to find some way to compensate for the squid's increased swimming ability...

...and I thought: why not allow the squids to spawn in a patch of water that is periodically removed so that they asphyxiate in the open air? Into a test world I went, and once I found that even my first prototype worked, all systems were go immediately.

This farm has been terminally broken by version 1.13.1 and superseded:
see Project 59: Ned's Garden Ponds - Squid Farm Mark Two.

Former production rate: 1,219 ink sacs per hour