The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



Project coordinates: X +294 : Y +66 : Z +272
Date completed: 17 February 2017
Minecraft day completed: 6486

Of all the automatic creations I've built in this world, Linda McSeymour's Vegetable Vault has been the least reliable. The one I chose to build, the one that looked to me at the time to be the best method to harness the Farmer villagers' ability to harvest and replant crops, was NimsTV's design from February 2014. 1.8, of course, brought so many snapshots that it was September before that version was released. And something, somewhere along the line, has gone wrong. There I was thinking that, because I built it in the spawn chunks, it'd always be loaded and working. Not a bit of it - the villagers regularly run out of stock as the flood washes away the crops every 50-odd minutes, and until the point they do, I don't really gain much.

I always thought I needed a manual potato and carrot farm to back up the allegedly-automatic one - I just never got round to building it, and the open-plan design I'd built in a test world was so massive it would take up the entire middle section of the spawn chunks. But if I was to compress it into a smaller floor area, I'd be able to hide it away somewhere convenient, right?

This project took a while to build - 85 Minecraft days, as you can see. Before starting the project I replanted Linda McSeymour's Vegetable Vault and gave all the villagers eight stacks of their required vegetable. By the time this build was finished, they were planting about six or seven of the 80 squares of farmland they had. The conclusion I draw is, this is the better way!

This farm has been partially rebuilt: see Project 58: The Vegetable Trenches Re-Xarqed.

Typical production rate: 3,584 of each crop (i.e. 56 stacks) per harvest, after replanting.