The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



Project coordinates: X +331 : Y +63 : Z +69
Date completed: 6 March 2017
Minecraft day completed: 6589

Minecraft 1.11.1 was a very useful update (even if it only lasted a day before being bugfixed to 1.11.2), and somewhat strange in that it added more features to the game in between the major updates. Sure, it's good to have a sword with Sweeping Edge III on it, but for sheer brilliant insight, adding the use of firework rockets to propel an elytra-wearing player high into the sky has been the best addition since hoppers in the 1.5 Redstone Update. Previously, it had been a risky affair attempting to fly over dangerous terrain (such as the gaping void in The End - now, the only problem is running out of rockets in mid-air and having nowhere to land. The materials are so cheap that it's trivial to make more.

It wasn't always this way...

When 1.11 was originally released, there was no sign of this upcoming addition, and I planned to repurpose Spectrum Tower into an elytra launcher. Of all those that provided their thrust using piles of boats, Tango Tek's lag-free launcher was the obvious one to go for. However, I couldn't make it work properly in a test world... and I found it was launching me horizontally, or diagonally upwards at best, when what I really wanted was a vertical launch. Later, in 1.11.2, it appeared to be broken anyway as the boats ended up scattered in a mess all over the surrounding floor rather than neatly thrust back into chests with a slime block launcher.

I thought of using a slime block launcher on its own to get that initial upward thrust, but it only throws me six blocks upwards, and that's not enough to open the elytra, point upwards and take off with a firework before I've already landed again - let alone do all this in a confined space.

Hence, I took the easiest option - make it so that there's a quick way up to the top of Spectrum Tower and launch from there.

With a platform to launch myself from, I thought I'd take a leaf out of the Hermitcraft Book Of Amusing Entertainment and build my own elytra flight course around the various machines at the central part of this world. The course was built by cubfan135 in his episode 23 of Hermitcraft 4, aided and abetted by iskall85, and completed in episode 30. I've used cubfan's design for the rings, where I've needed them, though for the most part I don't want to compromise the look of my builds, so the number of rings is limited.

As I've named my elytra the Wings of Wrath - after the famous item from Heretic and Hexen, I remind you - I thought the Rings of Wrath would be an excellent name for the flight course.

Screenshots in this section may be... slightly compromised.

I'm told the Mac version of Java has never quite been up to scratch, but that's the least of the problems. This Mac is eight years old, and though the processor is still about as fast as is available (3 GHz), it's short on RAM - I can only allocate 1 GB maximum (of the 4 GB total RAM available) to Minecraft and it fills up alarmingly quickly, even more so when I'm loading a lot of scenery in rapid succession, as I am doing on this flight course. I've investigated getting more RAM, but this Mac uses DDR2 and the absolute maximum that's available is 8 GB, at a greater cost than higher capacities of DDR3 RAM.

Listen at me. "1 GB of RAM is nowhere near enough!"

What happened to the days when 128 kilobytes was such a vast amount, there was seemingly no way of filling it...

Regarding my RAM clogging issues: "Why don't you buy a better gaming PC?" I hear some of you scream.

If I had that much spare cash to throw around for the sole purpose of running one game (albeit one I enjoy more than everything else from this entire century combined), I would have done it by now! This Mac has to see me through until the end of the decade, by which time I'll be 40!