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Project coordinates: various
Date completed: 31 December 2017
Minecraft day completed: 7289

Day 7305 is an important milestone in the life of the Sinclair's Foundry world - it's 20 years in Minecraft time (i.e. if day 0 was designated as 1st January 2000, day 7305 would be 1st January 2020). The Rather Large Project I keep alluding to was meant to be the celebration of this mark, but even with over 500 days to go, with the design of the project still not set in stone and the enormous scale of the prep work and the build looming large, I hadn't the confidence it could be completed in time, and sought an alternative. Project 50: Colony would have been it, only it didn't take all that long to build a village from scratch, despite having to transport three villagers 1 km across a deathly void to get them to their new home.

However, villagers being as useful as they are, I have a lot of them already, but I still need many more - and over the course of the 7000-and-something days I'd spent in this world so far, I'd discovered 24 villages, mostly in the 3 km × 3 km square of maps immediately surrounding the base. So it made more sense to bring all these villages up to the same standard as the Colony in the End - where they will be defended from disaster at the hands of invaders, and the populations can grow.

This diagram still doesn't cover as far out as I've ever been, though - that honour goes to the second Woodland Mansion I had to find to get the Advancements involving the illagers - at X -30064 and Z -8320 this is (or would be) on map W474!




Right at the end of a year (in the real world!), as this is the last project before the 20-year mark, there is due to be a world download. Meanwhile, there are still plenty more villages left to be discovered, 16 of which already have names waiting for them, so there's bound to be a Dark Empire Part II at some stage in the future. Maybe that'll be the 30-year update.