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Screenshots: 70Timespan: 8 May - 18 July 2018Version: 1.12.2

"This world is no longer supported and can only be played in 1.12.2"

That answers that question, then. While testing snapshot 18w16a I made a backup copy of Minecraft In The Arctic to see if the aquatic biome changes would affect the generation of this world - and found I couldn't load it. I'd been warned by the wiki that Customised worlds would be replaced by the new Buffet type, but had assumed that would just mean I couldn't create a new Customised world - what was to stop one running that already existed? I assumed wrong.

Still, on the upside, it means whatever further changes are made to the water physics between now and the final release of 1.13 are irrelevant to this world, and I can crack on with the first stage of automation that this world has been screaming out for. Also, I'll never have to update the list of rare and unavailable items ever again.



Automation requires iron, to build hoppers with - amongst other things, but it's mainly for hoppers. To absolutely nobody's surprise, the ironworks of choice is the good old square pan design, pioneered by JL2579 and explained in great detail by docm77. Anything that's still working this well after six years and ten major version upgrades is fine by me, and as there will be no more version upgrades in this world, it will never break. And, as I never showed much of the construction of the larger Sinclair's Foundry, I'll go through this one in a bit more detail.

Building machines will require a supply of slime for making sticky pistons and slime blocks, excellent for moving things around - and of course there's no Swampland in this world, so this is the only way to get hold of it. But the build has a second purpose - because it requires so much excavation, it'll provide the plentiful supply of stone to extend the ironworks high into the air, where it needs to be. And as a mutual benefit, the ironworks is already providing free iron for the many, many hoppers that this build will need - which will be topped up by all the iron ore that the excavation will undoubtedly produce.

Slime farms have come on a bit since I built Underwurlde in Sinclair's Foundry, an old-school design that reduces and kills the slimes using cactus. So this time I'll be building ilmango's very efficient 1.10+ design that reduces and kills the slimes with magma blocks, then hoovers up the slime balls from underneath with a hopper minecart.


I have a supply of iron and slime. I require more of a supply of iron, so the Ironworks will extend into the sky with a second pan on top of the first. Now, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?


It's an old design, it's certainly useful, but having to unload the collection chest manually and pack all the drops away into other chests that are just hanging around outside is just a bit too old-school. Fortunately, I am now armed with the supplies I need to upgrade the mob farm to an automated sorter... and make an adjustment up the top as well.

The mob drops from DiehlGames' farm aren't evenly distributed. There's about twice the amount of gunpowder produced as there is of any other drop, and even accounting for the witches dropping some, that doesn't explain it all away - there are more creepers being killed in there than any of the other mobs. Spiders are more rarely seen than others, mainly because they climb the walls and don't drop when they're supposed to. This leaves me with a shortage of string, which is the most useful mob drop in this world. Time to do something about that...

This one's been on the backburner for some time - too long, really. Automated chicken farms are, all things considered, very simple; some mother hens up the top dropping eggs into a dispsenser, which hatches some of them into a killing cell that "thins out the numbers" regularly. But I never do things the easy way, and rather than make a carbon copy of Colonel Harland J. Seymour's Battery Hen Battery from Sinclair's Foundry, I thought I'd try to cram it into as small a space as possible - as well as rerouting the hopper lines so the chickens are collected underneath the killing cell, rather than being sent to a storage silo.

If it looks like I made heavy weather of the string farm, this was a much shorter build because I thought it best to try it in a test world, just to make sure everything worked there first.

The final project of the year is little more than a way to take villagers out of the breeder (while ensuring enough are left behind that it never runs dry), sort them out underground and send them on their way to Eriksheim. Thus it can be seen as a second line of defence against the sieges that occasionally plague the village - and the times where I will find myself howling "DO YOUR JOB, YOU USELESS HEAPS OF CLOG IRON!" at the golems who watch mindlessly as a horde of zombies batter down another door and feast on the villagers' brains (which probably explains why they're constantly ravenous). Hence, this was one of those builds that can be considered essential, but even so, there won't be a lot to see. It took an annoyingly long time, as well - you'd think that a water-stream tunnel, some rudimentary redstone and a bit of decoration would be easy, but it never quite worked out that way...