The Diamond Hammer: Minecraft creations from the host of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast



Project coordinates: X +288 : Y +70 : Z +259
Date completed: 5 April 2016
Minecraft day completed: 4914

That project that I've been hinting at that will be the crowning glory of the 1.9 version cycle (and which I mentioned in the recent trading interlude) requires a rather large number of mineral blocks. Checking my vaults, I found I had enough of most of them, but not enough lapis lazuli - a problem which can be solved by extensive amounts of mining as well as trading with priests - and a severe shortage of gold. Further checking the production rates at Sinclair's Foundry, 1024 nuggets per hour looked impressive until I worked out how many real-time overnight AFK sessions it would take me to fill a chest with gold blocks!

It wasn't a small number, either, and remembering the effort it had taken just to generate all the gold for the Battery Hen Battery, I further turned to temporarily raising the killing floor so the pigmen didn't die, and I could kill them with the old Healing potion and Looting III sword technique to ensure they dropped more than twice as many nuggets at a time than they'd otherwise do. But, as the frame rate would drop very severely as the pigmen accumulated (and it didn't take them all that long) to the point where time actively slowed down in the game to a fifth of its usual rate, and I found I was getting through rather more Healing potions than I'd like, I knew something had to change.

It was time to expand the centrepiece of the industrial heartland of this world. Iron production was just fine - I'd leave that well alone and I had more of a supply than I could ever do with, but the gold production capacity was to be doubled.

And although 1.9 had already been released by this stage, it still wasn't perfect so I decided not to upgrade just yet - and this was a fine project to be working on until the last few problems ironed themselves out in 1.9.2.

Measuring the production rate mas become something of a problem since starting this world. In the first test of the old Foundry, it would produce 1,024 nuggets per hour in Hard mode, standing in the rafters, as near as possible to the centre of the spawning platforms. But this was when the spawn chunks weren't full of animal farms and plenty of other automatic redstone mechanisms - so now the sun, moon and stars will all jerk backwards and forwards in the sky as the game constantly tries to adjust itself to the number of game ticks that have actually passed, rather than real time in this world. I do not, after all, have a "hadron collider of a computer" (as xisumavoid has been known to put it), I have a seven-year-old Mac which is still of a decent specification but also desperately needs a clean system reinstall. So, as well as the production rates I can get in real time, I've quoted the theoretical maximum for three complete Minecraft day/night cycles - which should, theoretically, be an hour long if all the ticks complete in the time they're supposed to. Keeping the pigmen alive and killing them with a Healing potion using the Looting III sword trick is not a viable AFK method - the pigmen need to be killed every five to ten minutes so that they don't build up and slow the game down even more - however, this player-input method yiels a huge amount more gold.

New gold production rate - tested in 1.8.9, in Hard mode, with constantly aggressive pigmen:
1,114 nuggets per hour - instant kill and no Looting trick
2,641 nuggets per three Minecraft days - instant kill and no Looting trick (2h03m real time)
3,771 nuggets per hour - with Healing potion and Looting III
7,942 nuggets per three Minecraft days - with Healing potion and Looting III (2h35m real time)



As a final note, I still don't think this setup is perfect - for instance, I can't test if the pigmen who are still inside the portals are running the wrong way if I'm in the minecart on the lower track, and if that's the case, whether or not they have enough time to run the length of the portals and plunge into the abyss beneath while I'm riding through the centre of the obsidian cube.

There remains the further complication that I haven't tested the farm in 1.9, where I'm told the pigmen will de-aggro after a few minutes and will need snowballs constantly flinging at them. But is this a blessing in disguise? It sounds like it's a convenient timer when using this farm with the Looting III sword trick; allow the pigmen to build up while they're aggressive, and then when they calm down, fling a Healing potion at the ones in the pit, grab the experience, make them all angry again, lather, rinse, repeat, and the gold will come flooding in. As will an extra amount of zombie flesh... which I suppose means more emeralds!

Anyway, I don't think I'll be worrying too much; I've got gold coming out of my ears now, after spending almost the entire time until day 5000 collecting gold in this farm, with the Looting method. Here's the result: